reel it back in a bit



i’ve already made a comic about my super cool phone belt clip about a year ago, and now, the belt clip has made another appearance.  Truly- nothing makes the ladies swoon like having a cell phone clipped onto a man’s hip.  Those hips don’t lie! in fact, thanks to google now, those hips have never been more full of relevant truthful information.

Let me be clear, my wife does not swoon over any of my awesome nerdy technology.  No, no…  She is not impressed by the T3 word text replies I send from my watch, or my tiny-bird highscore of 8.  Do I hold it against her?  no!  but someday when the apple watch is affordable, she’ll understand the appeal.

Of all the nerdy things pictured here, the bluetooth headset has been around the longest, and is by far the nerdiest thing in the world.  …so i’ll have to find one that is subtle and unnoticeable.  suggestions? 😀



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