Bryce Wanely Enterprises, Week two






Well, here ends a second week of Flying-Rat-Man escapades.  The only thing more fun than super heroes are inept superheroes… which is, i guess, why “the Tick” and “Earthworm Jim” and “Darkwing Duck” and whatnot will always have a special place in my heart.  Deadpool, etc.  Good times!

think that my week of gross sickness is almost over…  I finally feel like I can think at the proper rate!  And just in time too!  Today is our youth group’s mudfest, and it’s gonna be muddy and cold, so I’m glad i’m feeling better.  two hundred kids in a mudpit…  what could possibly go wrong?  haha

4 thoughts on “Bryce Wanely Enterprises, Week two

  1. Let me just say that starting a long storyline can be a terrible mistake, which I made, by having EVERY SINGLE ONE of my characters in prison. but my readers are eating this up and I have to keep coming up with clever strips, which is hard when you have six bunnies in a room with only a toilet and a bed. WHEN WILL IT END?

  2. Rob- I’m really enjoying this mini series! Glad your sickness is resolving.
    Wanted to tell you how much I love That’s Not Art! It’s a wonderful collection and so inspirational. Makes me want to draw more more MORE!!!
    I’m so glad to have it in my collection.
    Hope your muddy weekend is going well. 😉

    • Thanks Pamo! awe man you’re always so encouraging! Glad you like the book! the mud weekend was pretty good indeed! a couple hundred kids in a mudpit, what could go wrong!? haha

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