…you watch a little Dr. Who, and this starts happening.

2014-10-2everyone on the internet seems to love Dr. Who… and dern it, i’m trying to like it.  I’m starting at the 9th doctor, because that is what netflix allows me to do.  Here are my thoughts:

I can buy into a sci-fi mythology IF:
1)  it is easy and accessible
2)  if it is difficult and inaccessible, but their is some hint that the effort will be worth it

So.  Star trek falls into category one, Primer falls into category two…  For me, Dr. Who falls somewhere else.  I’m gonna stick wit it, because I really do want to see what all the fuss is about.  I really love the premise and the ideas of each episode, I just find it painful to actually sit and watch the episode.

Anyway!  I was almost late for work the other day because of all our clocks dying!  haha.

Have a great thursday everyone!


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