Oppression as creative catalyst



Creative accountability is a good thing!  So is creative freedom… But not every idea is a good idea.  -sigh-.

Sometimes, I think it’d be funny to run with a bad idea as far as I can go… except then I start thinking, that would be a lot of time wasted on a bad idea.  Would I still think it’s funny after I spent a lot of time working on something awful?  hmm.

3 thoughts on “Oppression as creative catalyst

  1. Getting a good idea then executing it takes a lot of creative energy. Executing a bad idea might be a good idea if you can then morph it into a not bad idea. Ideally. But then, you could spend a lot of time coming up with not much.
    Kind of like this comment.

    • yeah, morphing a bad idea into a good idea is ideal! i find that usually works best in collaboration with another person. i personally have the problem where i just want to draw, so I start and commit to a project without knowing if it is a good idea or not… and hoping the idea will flesh itself out. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt… but usually, when i talk it out with someone else, it gets better.

      • I agree. Collaborating can be very enlightening. I’m learning to never dismiss ideas outright. I can usually find at least a nugget of usefulness.
        Great work Rob!

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