There’s always a third way.

2014-7-17This comic is 100% dedicated towards one Drew Gusztak.  There’s always a third way beyond the two obvious choices, you just have to think out of the box.  Or, think in very literal terms when people are trying to get you to approach a situation abstractly.

Let’s be honest, sometimes a guy just needs to draw a fighter jet!  There are times when the comic comes out exactly as I had hoped, and there are times when I’m in such a hurry I pretty much only get to draw charlie and ghost as talking heads… and then there are times where the idea is so simple, I can spend 99% of the time just drawing whatever I think will be funny, and this is one of those times.

This MIGHT actually end up as a Charlie and the Ghost certified Poster design!  It would likely be a top-down schematic-style view of a super-awesome F-14 (which is my all-time favourite figher-jet) with it’s missile pay-load possibilities illustrated with the catchy catch phrase, which I have yet to develop, but would encapsulate this idea.  Hmm!  Wait for it.  It’ll be great.


2 thoughts on “There’s always a third way.

    • Aww shucks! Thanks so much! Fighter jets = soooo coooool. I wish I had enough ideas to do a whole top-gun style comic book, then I could draw jets for days!

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