it’s a little hot.


So, it’s not like a billion degrees or anything.  I think we’ve had a high of twenty five (Celsius)?  BUT!  it’s a SUNNY 25!  and my office has a big window facing the sun.  The sun turns my office into a sauna.  I just sit there sweating.  Fans don’t do NUTHIN’ if they’re blowing hot air at yah!  Anyways, I had the heat madness a little bit!  Heat madness drives me to rash decisions.

In any case, it’s feeling like summer, and that is always a good thing!  For some reason, I think the sound-track to this summer is kicken’ off with a little Dashboard Confessional’s “Stolen”, which can be heard here.

3 thoughts on “it’s a little hot.

  1. It’s been 85-98 (F) here and I m dying!!!! We live where it doesn’t usually get over 75 and that is a hot day!

    As for the office heat… I feel your pain. Mine has NO ventilation, NUTTIN! So while it may be 85 outside, it’s like 400 in my office!

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