who needs a landscape architect?


Diana and I have undertaken a back-yard REDESIGN.  Mostly, it is Diana’s endeavour.  I am there to lift patio stones.  Previously, our yard looked as illustrated; currently, our yard looks like mud.  Diana has worked as a landscaper, so she knows what she’s doing, and it’s a good thing… if it were left to me…. well, panel three is a pretty spot-on representation of my gardening desires/capabilities.

This is the 666th comic posted on wordpress!  I think it’s closer to like, the 850th comic over-all.  Craziness!

2 thoughts on “who needs a landscape architect?

  1. I find humor and recognition in your 666th post! ( plus I love the number) We have recently decided our yard looks bare, and needs some green, but something green and something very hardy. It needs to withstand my … ( puts thumbs up and gets very serious for a moment )… black thumbs of DEEEEAAAATTTTHHHHH.

    • our yard of concrete has this really crazy… parasitic vine? so our concrete yard right now looks very green! so if you have trouble keeping stuff alive, i recommend whatever crazy thing infested our yard! it’s impossible to kill! haha.

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