i’m not addicted.

2013-10-24I talked about this yesterday at youth.  It’s a little tricky to talk about, there is no real blanket term that is accurate to describe how people fill their lives with various artificial digital interactions…  And those interactions aren’t inherently evil by any means, but I think people can go too far, to the point where their real life social interactions are affected negatively.  In any case, that whole “practice what you preach” thing has made me re-think my internet habits, which are indeed habits bordering on addictions, to the point where if I sit down at a computer (doesn’t matter where… could be work, the library, someone else’s house and i’m wanting to show them a youtube video or something)  i catch myself typing one of three URL’s without thinking:  reddit, facebook or gmail, in that order.  *sigh* and so begins the long road to recovery!  haha.


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