the jig is up

cg66 100oh man, this took entirely too long to draw!  I think my chair is at the wrong angle or something.
When I first started playing guitar a lot at my church, it wouldn’t take anything to throw me off… if the music stand was at the wrong height, if the mic stand wasn’t tight enough and the mic slowly drooped, one little thing… i remember one sunday, the tuner pedal was closer to me then it usually is, and it made me need to like, lean over it, to get to the mic… little things like that just make me lose focus.  Of course, i never do the obvious thing, which would be to move the pedal, or in today’s instance, move the chair forward and over to the left.  which i have just done.
I wish I woulda done that like an hour and a half ago.

Anyways!  Happy thursday!


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