a very “boo boo” thanksgiving

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!  Or as a kid in church called it the other day, “Turkey day!”
This was a surprisingly fun comic to write.  In actuality, the TLC beauty contest show that i have watched more of is “Toddlers and Tiaras”, which is entertaining, kind of like how a train derailment is entertaining, in that it is incredibly awful and painful, and people’s lives are being drastically messed up and changed for the worse, and all you can do is stand there hopeless and helpless and watch it all go down, hoping that it will be over soon, only to find that the train has like, 100 cars (or, a TLC episode marathon, to stretch the metaphor) and the disaster won’t quickly be over.
I’ve only seen a bit of Honey boo boo, and it was far more then I could handle.  Sometimes, the only response to such a disaster is to close your eyes.
Even though I don’t have cable, It’s pretty easy to find streaming TV these days, and our house usually has one or two reality series on the go.  If there is one thing I’ve come to appreciate about reality TV, it’s that it is utterly tactless.  Is that a bad thing?  yes? no?  I have my opinions…


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