Telus world of Science

I can’t figure out if I were to go to the science centre if I would enjoy myself, or if I would feel to old to be there.  “I’m too old for your new fangled scientology.”
Some of my favourite school-time memories were us all piling into the bus, taking 3 hours to drive the 2 hour distance to regina, going to the science centre for all of two hours, before piling back into the bus and driving back.  I’m pretty sure we listened to weird al through my buddy’s walkman the entire time there and back.  “O O Oreo, what’s in the middle? the white stuff!”  In any case, i’m sure it’s fun now, and I do want to go, but also, i want to sleep in, and vancouver is like, an hour away…  actually, less now that the new bridge is pretty much done.
I want “traveling man of science” to be a thing.  I want to see that happen in my lifetime.

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