this really grates on me

All fart jokes aside, is there anything worse than cutting the cheese first thing in the morning? no.  The only time in my life this has ever been an enjoyable experience is when I would stay at my grandpa and grandma’s house, and they have a piano-wire cheese cutter… that thing slices through medium cheddar like a DREAM.  But I don’t have one of those, we just have a ridiculously equipped cuisinart knife set.  the other day, my loving beautiful wife was carving the core out of an apple with a knife as big as my fore-arm… it’s like, under what circumstance would a knife that large be needed?  Now i’m no Joe-kitchen, but I do understand that larger knives are ideal for things like chopping, but this knife is shaped for stabbing and slashing!  It’s like a dagger.  It might as well be a machete.  In any case, BE CAREFUL in the kitchen you guys.  Boiling water, sharp knives, it’s like a medieval epic in there.

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