Just the facts, Ma’am

There is always incredible temptation to make a story more exciting then it actually was.  But it isn’t always what’s actually happening that makes a story good… Internal monologue projected onto the actual events during a retelling tends to make for an inaccurate but way more entertaining story to listen to!
So I go to a convenience store last night.  Every time I go there, it’s the sketchiest thing.  Last time, a fight broke out in a parking lot, and stopped long enough for me to awkwardly walk to the car and drive off.  This time, as I’m walking in, this guy with shifty eyes is unloading a cube van.  He smiles at me, but it is an EVIL smile, not a friendly smile.  His eyes are saying “what are you gonna do about it”.  He is unloading remote control helicopters.  Inside the store, there is a guy who is patching up a hole in the wall…  except on the outside, there is no hole in the wall… it’s bizarre and doesn’t make sense.  In any case, it’s always an adventure.
…except it isn’t at all.  It couldn’t be more mundane.  My stupid mind was making a boring situation more sketchy then it need be, because it makes for a better story.  Are we ok with this?

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