The Joys/Dangers of Scooter Ownership: Part one

So i figured it might be fun to do some “educational” strips about scooter ownership.
Part one:  What happens when you drive by a middle school as the kids are waiting to cross the street.  kids can be so cruel.
There is no arguing with their logic.  It probably looks funny for an adult to be on a scooter, even a fully awesome scooter like the Honda Ruckus!  But they don’t know!  They don’t get the economical benefits!  They don’t understand the joy of the wind against your face without needing a motorcycle licence!  For them, drivers licences are still three or four years away… how could they know?
The next time it happens, as per Rod Heppell’s suggestion, I will simply say “Chicks dig it” and speed off… and wait five years, and each of them will be riding ruckus’ themselves.


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