there IS a line, you know.

People older then me will know this song as one of disco’s GEMS… by peaches and herb!    good old accessible dance music.  People younger then me know this song as it was made popular by alvin and the chipmunks in their second CGI “thriller”.  -shudder-.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved alvin and the chipmunks as a kid, but allow me to be a pretentious person for a second… How come people can’t make up NEW things?  leave alvin and the chipmunks alone to die in the 90’s?  The Teenage mutant ninja turtles were rad back when people still said “radical”, But while I still say “rad” and people look at me funny, if i were to say “radical” people would more likely think I was meaning it in the “relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something, far reaching or thorough” meaning of the word…  And if people don’t understand the word “radical” in its 80’s and 90’s sense, then why would kids care about ninja turtles any more?  all of that to say this:  MAKE UP NEW CARTOONS.  Go adventuretime!  yay!  more of that.

Actually, if you want a good way to kill like an hour, read up on the history of the chipmunks.  pretty interesting… if you like that kinda thing.

Anyways, the whole point of disco (far as I can tell) is to have a really easy repetitive beat to break out white guy dance moves, with incredibly simple lyrics focused largely on dancing to remind you what you’re supposed to be doing, and a melody that’s all catch.  I firmly believe that A cappella disco is the final frontier of musical exploration, and i think it needs to be discovered within my lifetime.

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