Save the world


Words!  a wordy one.  Long weekends really play with my mind!  When you work at a church, the week is always a little blurry anyways, with my saturday happening on friday, and my sunday also happening on friday… so with monday off, which feels like friday, but today is tuesday… and i’m all messed up.  in any case, sleeping on a love seat really hurts.  LOCAL POLITICS!  get involved.
So, urgh!  How best to decide what to do with your free time?  I have about a half an hour right now before I go into the office.  I could a) play the sweet transformers game i just bought (I didn’t get the new one, the older one)  b)  read a book in the bath (which does two things: it cleans me, and it is entertaining) or  c) watch netflix (which gives brainrot, but can be entertaining) or even i could do exercise maybe?  not to mention i’d like to draw more and record music again.  Anyways, happy monday.  I mean tuesday DANGIT

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