Golden, BC


I always wonder this.  I’m sure there are logical answers, like “agriculture”, “tourism”, “oil field”, “Forestry”….  Agriculture, i understand.  I don’t so much understand the rest.  I remember when I was young, it always shocked me how small towns had GIRLS in them.  as in, the lady-types.  We’d go play a show in a small prairie town, and there would be all these scenester chicks!  and we’d be like, what?  who would of thought.  Anyways.  This comic goes out to James!  James, you crazy Albertan.  I’m in calgary this week vacationing with Diana, and this guy, as if he were MAGIC, appears!  you made my life, buddy!  it was good to see yah.  To the rest of you crazy albertans of a PLAN-A nature, I wanna try’n hang out with you, but schedules, and i didn’t plan, so i’m gonna call.  woot.  Have a nice day!  Also, I REALLY hate Golden, BC.  Until someone can tell me why i shouldn’t, by blind rage and wrath will be fully directed towards it.

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