i wouldn’t worry about it

“the idea for this comic was jotted down on the iPhone, concept sketched and pictured into iPad, then, drawn on my macbook pro, while my other macbook streams CSI to my TV, and the iPod classic charges on the dock to get ready for tomorrow, while the iPod touch updates to the newer version of bejewelled, and the other iPhone is charging and being used as an alarm clock, and the other OTHER macbook is playing soft music in the other iRoom for the iWife.”

Who am I quoting?  myself?  I never said that.  And, while I’ve never jotted something on my iPhone, worked on it on my iPad, then drawn on my macbook pro, while two other MacBooks perform menial tasks, and an assortment of other iOS devices charge and do there thing, it is kind of sickening to realize that this is not outside the realm of possibility for something like this to happen.  It seems ridiculous, but that could be like, a monday night at the Shauf household.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we started using iPads as placemats all up in here.

I’ve actually heard a lot lately that people think iPads are just big iPods.  I disagree… but i can’t really explain why, and I don’t care too.  anyways, time for bed!


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