Well, i mean, when you find out you have the cholesterol levels of an eighty year old man, and you are twenty six, it’s bound to spawn a little anger right?  and humour is a good coping mechanism?  maybe?

of course, when it comes to my actual cholesterol intake, i can’t blame anyone but myself.  I mean, no one was forcing me to eat KFC for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week straight after the Christmas banquet because there were leftovers.

I miss cheese and beef and eggs and fast food.  Tomatoes and onions are my new dietary salvation, as they are the only thing that I like tasting that I am still allowed to taste.  But, if my tastebuds were to be burned off, then I wouldn’t care about how food tasted, and it would be easier to eat friggin rabbit food.

At least i actually have motivation to exercise now.

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