Deep Web

This one is for charles…. the REAL charles.


this may or may not have been a conversation that happened, recorded for you, verbatim, for your reading pleasure.  The DEEP WEB.  seriously, it’s the end of the google world.

One of my favorite things about “reality-charles” is his ability to become consumed with an idea.  I’ve had a lot of friends who are passionate, but “reality-charles” is the only friend i’ve ever had who just gets that little twinkle in his eye, kinda like santa clause, when he starts talking about something he is friggin’ stoked on.  The first time I ever experienced this with charles was when he was talking about Byzantium…  And the most recent time was today, about the deep web, and alternate keyboard configurations.  All I know is this:  Charles, once again, you have been the inspiration for cartoon charlie.

deep web, FTW.

2 thoughts on “Deep Web

  1. hey, just saw a link to the toon and thought I’d browse….funny and very pensive the way does FTW mean Fuck the ‘what’…if so I definitely get why but maybe it’d be better if you don’t told me what FTW meant in this context?

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