I know this song is sorta old now, but seriously, the problem of people’s earbuds being too loud will never go away.  Here’s the thing:  It would be LESS OBNOXIOUS to walk around with a ghettoblaster/boom box/whatever cool people call them nowadays blasting on full volume, then to walk around with super loud earbuds.  WHY?  loud earbuds + the human skull + a room full of people surrounding the ear budded person = a song absolutely devoid of bass or mids for EVERYONE who is standing around the annoying person with earbuds.  That means that if it’s a dance song, 100% of the good parts can’t be heard, and all we can hear is the annoying whistle-y parts and the “tss tss tss” of the synth-high hat, and the odd lyric.  THE WORST.



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