oh happiness

So me and Diana bought a tv.  our old one was a tube tv, it was kinda small, it only had one set of inputs… etc, etc.   We wanted to get one with our wedding money, but seeing as we had to get some other stuff, we waited!  and now we have it.  And I have a few realizations.

First:  Mario looks HUGE.  It is almost harder to play, just because you need to use your peripheral vision to detect obstacles!  This is the coolest.  I’ve always wanted to play video games on a big TV in my OWN HOUSE.  In my old apartment, we had an old big screen that weighed more than my car, but it wasn’t high definition and it’s bulb was nearly burned out, so this is quite a different story.

Second:  I cannot believe the amount of guilt I have for buying this TV.  I don’t know where it is coming from…  I don’t know why it is here.  Is it commercialism?  Is it finding happiness in possessions?  Is it just sorta lazy to have a nice TV instead of buying an exercise machine?  I don’t think it’s any of those things…  is it a legitimate guilt, or is it me just not being used to spending money on something that isn’t necessary?  yikes.  in any case, CNN seems to think it’s alright.



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